I have been doing Pilates with Deb since she started, in those years I’ve been very grateful that she has been there every week.
Deb always makes sure that you’re doing the right movement to ensure you’re getting the best of every workout.
Her classes are fun and I always enjoy my hour with her.


I have been going to Pilates with Debs for 6 years and it has been hugely beneficial for my back, fun and inspirational. Deb is a true professional and always helpful and enthusiastic. Whether you are a beginner or the fittest, you are encouraged to go at your own pace and ability. I recommend you to give Pilates with Deb a go!


I have been coming to Pilates with Debs for around 10 years now. As a landscaper for the last 30 years, I believe I could not work without the consistent weekly maintenance of Debs classes which are always inspirational.

Always grateful
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“Deb’s classes are great and cater for all ages and abilities. They are always enjoyable and I love the fact that you can work at your own pace.”


Pilates with Debs is good for me in so many ways. I have rheumatoid arthritis so it is a case of “use it or lose it” and Pilates with Debs over the last 8 or 9 years has helped me to hold onto some movement and flexibility that I would have otherwise have lost. Debs is passionate, professional and caring and there is always an alternative if a particular exercise does not suit. Classes are small, so individual attention is almost guaranteed. With classes throughout the week, you can always “swap” if your schedule requires it.
Lastly for me, I always sleep best on the night of a Pilates class. The focus on breath and movement and mindfulness is a great way to de-stress from whatever else is happening in life.


I love Pilates with Deb. It’s challenging and fun – we have a few laughs too.
Deborah guides us through; adding in extras or changing it around to keep it interesting.
I love the rhythm of the work-out and leaving with relaxed muscles and mind at the end of the class.


Have now been attending Deb’s Pilates classes for ten years – began in an aĺl male class with a pile of guys trying to get gut muscles in order. There were always inadvertent expulsions of gut gas which made for laughs  – you had to take real care as to who your mat was close to. Now it’s a mixed sex class and there’s way fewer inadvertent incidents…so it’s somewhat more civilized. But the classes are a great way to try to keep the encroachments of age at bay. And Debs is an inspiring and sympathetic teacher. I’d recommend her classes to anyone concerned about their core –  who wants to participate in classes that are well run and fun.


“I have been attending Deb’s pilates class for many years now and I have found the results to be very beneficial.  I have become so much more aware of my body and how I move on a daily basis, the importance of using my core for daily activities – this has improved my posture and definitely strengthened all of my muscles.  Although the session is in a group Debs’ makes it feel very individualised – always reminding us that every day our bodies are different and we should respect it and treat it accordingly – an hour of ‘mindful indulgence’ is how I have come to see my pilates session.   Thanks Debs you’re a star!”